Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – Maxwell Odongo is a popular figure on social media who is infamous for exchanging slay queens like clothes.

He has a well-paying job at United Nations and that’s why he manages to attract different slay queens like a magnet despite having a malnourished body and average looks.

Maxwell trended a few months ago after he exposed a cunning Luo slay queen that allegedly stole over Ksh 700,000 that he had kept in a safe in his house at Greenspan estate in Nairobi.

The lady robbed him clean and left him high and dry.

The controversial Luo man has caused a stir again after he flaunted his new catch identified as Akinyi Ochieng.

He flew Akinyi all the way from Lolwe Estate in Kisumu for paid ‘fun’ but he ended up falling in love with her.

She came to his house as an ordinary slay queen to provide escort services to him and she turned to be a wife within a very short period.

This guy though!!

Here’s a screenshot of what he posted.

See the slay queen turned wife Akinyi.


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