Monday, April 12, 2021 – The late sergeant Kipyegon Kenei’s father, John Chesang, is a bitter man after having been lied to by none other than Deputy President William Ruto following the cold-blooded murder of his son, who was by the time of his death, working in the DP’s office.

Chesang claimed that despite making promises to the family ahead of Kenei’s burial, Ruto had distanced himself and stayed silent over the matter.

“Since then, no action has been taken and we have not communicated in any form whatsoever.”

“We, the family, were expecting to see him (Ruto) because he had claimed that he would have been the target instead of Kenei.”

“What action has he taken?” asked Chesang.

Ruto is said to have given his promises in an emotional private meeting between himself and close members of the Chesang family.

“We just see him go about his business.”

“We are truly hurt.”

“Our son worked in that office for seven and a half years.”

“Why has the office not given him any respect?” he added.

Kenei is said to have been murdered in connection to the Sh40 billion fake arms deal that was sealed in Ruto’s office.


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