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Thursday, April 15, 2021 – Controversial singer, Akothee, went on a ranting spree in the middle of the night and called out her family members for linking her to Illuminati, following the death of her sister-in-law.

The mother of 5 bashed her family members for spreading rumors that she sacrificed her sister-in-law and drank her blood.

The vocal singer said death is inevitable and distanced herself from the damaging rumors.

“It’s with deep sorrow that we pretend to love and support each other, yet we are devils. The amount of hypocrisy is too much. 

“I am sad that people I call family regard me as ILLUMINATI and that I’m drinking my own sister-in-law’s blood. 

“Well, death is inevitable, and today it’s here, tomorrow it’s there,” she ranted.

She urged her family members to stop being jealous and appreciate her wealth and success.

“I just grew up with you guys, some have even seen my journey, and today, nobody appreciates it. 

“So none of you saw me growing to this level, or is it poverty that brings this pain,” she posed.

Here’s a screenshot of her post.


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  1. primitive Luos. Kamano e kaka giwuoyoga kapo ni ng’ato e anyuolagi oloyogi gi mwandu. Gin ging’eyoga mana – daktari, profesa, injinia, gi nyinge mamoko mag joma ne osomo. to kuom joma otiyo gi riekgi ma oloyogi to mago illuminati. Oganda ma biro thirno nyakachieng’. Akothee dhi nyime kaka Nyasaye omedo konyi kendo imed konyo nyiri gi yawuowi moko matin mondo osom. Fuwo nego oganda joluo.

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