Sunday, April 18, 2021 – There was drama along Thika Road on Saturday night after police officers barricaded the busy superhighway to punish motorists who were flaunting curfew rules.

The cops put up barriers along major roads in Nairobi as early as 7:30 pm, claiming that they had received orders from above

At first, the law enforcers were adamant that the motorists would not be let through until 4 am when the curfew ends despite endless protests on social media.

As the drama ensued along Thika Road, some motorists confronted cops who were barricading one of the lanes along the busy highway, forcing them to run for their dear lives.

“Acheni upuzi bana(stop that stupidity)” some of the motorists were heard chanting while threatening to beat up the officers.

Check out the video.


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