Thursday, April 1, 2021 – The late Kiambaa MP, Paul Koinange, hated Deputy President William Ruto and his hustler movement so much so that he spent his last days developing laws that he hoped would tame the DP from propagating the movement.

As Chair of the powerful National Assembly’s Security Committee, the Kiambaa MP drafted bills that would have seen the use of the terms ‘hustler’ and ‘dynasty’ criminalized. 

Last month, he led the committee in proposing amendments to the National Cohesion and Integration Act that would have seen those found guilty of using the censored words sentenced to five years in prison or required to pay a Ksh 5 million fine. 

The proposal died down after ODM leader Raila Odinga implored Koinange’s team to drop the criminalisation and allow Kenyans to reject the hustler narratives on their own volition. 

He accused the DP of bearing ulterior motives in his bid to clinch the Presidency in 2022.

Speaking during his last public appearance on Inooro TV, Koinange confessed his relationship with DP Ruto was severed.

“We were with the DP in 2016 as President Uhuru Kenyatta was commissioning a road in Ruaka.”

“I told the DP that Mt Kenya region had its owners and that will never change.”

“He became very upset.”

“During the rally after the event, Ruto introduced other MPs such as Kimani Ichung’wa and belittled me by forgetting my name,” the MP narrated.

Koinange took offence with the gesture because according to him, the DP did it on purpose despite the rally being held in his home turf of Kiambaa. 

Koinange, who hails from one of Kenya’s most connected families, made it a mission to fight the ‘hustlers’ vs ‘dynasty’ narrative which he said would throw the country on a dangerous path. 

He cautioned that the narrative was likely to pit Kenyans against one another in terms of social stratification.

The late MP used the example of the Rwanda genocide to explain the potential danger that lay ahead due to the rising political tension. 


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