Sunday, April 4, 2021 – Karen Nyamu has caused murmurs on social media yet again after sharing a video getting cozy with a mysterious man.

The single mother of two was spotted whispering sweet nothings to the man whom she described as a Nairobi businessman.

The mysterious man, who was laughing like a teenage boy as Karen pampered him, seems loaded by just looking at the expensive watch that he was rocking.

His identity remains unknown at the moment but with time, his full details will be unveiled.

Karen Nyamu is a well-known gold digger and home wrecker.

Recently, she almost wrecked Samidoh’s marriage.

The youthful lawyer and politician revealed in an interview with Jalang’o that she has no plans of getting married and perhaps that’s why she is busy wrecking other people’s homes.

See photos and videos of the mysterious man she was spotted getting cozy with.


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