Sunday, April 18, 2021 – Renowned political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has weighed in on the ongoing revolution talk in Kenya, particularly after what was witnessed on Thika Road on Saturday when police mounted roadblocks to punish curfew violators.

Kenyans mostly from Thika Road took to social media and started calling for a revolution and several tags such as “unlock our country”.

While reacting to the same, Mutahi Ngunyi has told off those preaching the revolution gospel and branded them big cowards who should not bully the government.

According to him, most of those calling for a revolution are cowards who won’t even show up should they be asked to do so.

He said those calling for revolution will be at home as early as 6 pm.

“GOVERNMENT should not be BULLIED by COWARDS on social media.

” If they want a REVOLUTION, tell them to BRING it on.

” In FACT, let’s begin the REVOLUTION at 9 PM TONIGHT on Thika Road! ZERO. 

These COWARDS will be at home by 6 PM after yesterday. Bure Kabisa!,” Mutahi wrote on his social media page.


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