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Monday, April 19, 2021 – Prominent Nairobi-based lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, has poked holes in Citizen TV‘s investigative journalist, Purity Mwambia’s expose where she exposed how rogue police officers rent guns to criminals, posing a huge danger to law-abiding Kenyans.

In an expose that was aired by Citizen TV and watched by millions of Kenyans on Sunday, Purity exposed how men and women in uniform rent guns and their uniforms to criminals in exchange for money.

Immediately after the expose, Kenyans took to their social media platforms praising Purity for a job well done.

However, lawyer Cliff Ombeta seems to read from a different script.

Commenting on Twitter after a curious netizen accused the brilliant lawyer of defending criminals, Ombeta downplayed the whole documentary by arguing that no police officer appeared or was mentioned in the expose.

“The police are doing all these then your friend Ombeta is ready to help them get freedom if they are apprehended,” twitted Jeff.

Ombeta in a rude response asked, “Did you see any policeman in the entire story?”

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has a reputation for handling very difficult criminal cases in the country. 

His great oratory skills mixed with his solid reasoning have always got his clients off the hook even in cases that seem impossible.


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