Friday, April 16, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has revealed that he holds President Uhuru Kenyatta in high esteem and that he respected him throughout their first and second term in office.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Ruto dismissed allegations that he has been undermining Uhuru with his hustler movement which has seen him go contrary to the president’s orders.

For instance, the DP has been holding 2022 campaigns against the president’s directive.

But he denied that his 2022 campaigns disrespected and undermined the head of state, saying he was just trying to help the hustlers.

He noted that he confronted Uhuru to give him evidence that he had undermined him throughout his course of doing business and the president denied there is any evidence.

“I asked the president to produce information showing what I had done in private and in public to disrespect him or to elevate myself beyond what my duties are and the president was very candid with me, he told me there is no such information.”

“The director of intelligence was there and he also did not produce any information on the same,” he said.


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