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Sunday, April 18, 2021 – Nairobi Senator, Johnston Sakaja, has joined an ongoing debate where some middle-class Kenyans were caught up in the night curfew in Nairobi on Saturday, where they were forced to stay on some roads until after midnight.

Thousands were trapped on major Nairobi highways like Thika Road and Waiyaki way, after an operation by the police blocked the road at 8 p.m, the designated curfew hour in the One Zoned Area.

It was confusing, to say the least since the police had just blocked the road. 

They were not conducting a search or arrests. 

In a video captured by private detective Jane Mugo, the police claimed to have received orders from above.

A curious netizen identified as Ian Mbunde asked fellow Twitter users to help him force a response from Senator Sakaja on what he knew about the matter and what he was going to do about it.

“Can we mark today as day 1 of getting Sakaja Johnson to address this? We are tired! I will not relent,” wrote Mbunde. 

He received the support he needed and the matter finally reached Sakaja, who has responded this morning.

“When such a situation happens and we express our concerns, you are the same people who say that we come to rant on Twitter with the rest of you. 

“What happened last evening is terrible and will need to be dealt with within the institutions, not Twitter,” wrote Hon Sakaja.


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