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Saturday, April 24, 2021 – The joint Legal and Justice Affairs Committee held a press conference yesterday and proudly announced their endorsement of the BBI document albeit with some errors.

Co-chair of the joint National Assembly and Senate committees on legal affairs, Kigano Muturi, appeared before the press and proudly announced the numbers in favour of the BBI Bill.

According to Kigano Muturi, all members endorsed the BBI except Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata.

As he spoke this, Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was standing right behind him and didn’t raise an eyebrow.

The presser itself was quite a challenge for Kigano, who struggled to explain away the inconsistencies in different versions of the Bill.

However, when the press conference was over, Sakaja issued a statement that contradicted all that the chair had just said.

Sakaja took issue with the part about constituencies, raising concern with how the new constituencies were to be allocated.

His complaints appeared to go hand in hand with those raised by IEBC through its Chair Wafula Chebukati earlier.

Kigano Muturi had been speaking after a retreat of the Committee at The Windsor Hotel yesterday, where he attributed the disparities in the Bill to typos.

“There are no two Bills. A typographical error happened; instead of writing 89 everywhere, 87 appears which immaterially does not affect the tenor,” he said.

His co-chair, Nyamira Senator Okongo Omongeni, said the error shouldn’t be used to discredit the constitutional amendment push.

“There was a typing error in the Bill that went to 32 county assemblies; 11 of them received a Bill that didn’t have a typing error,” said Omongeni.

National Assembly Majority Whip Emmanuel Wangwe confirmed that the House will now have an opportunity to deliberate on the Bill after the Committee finalized its report. 

“We expect that very soon this document will be made open to the public once its seized off by the house in a procedural manner,” said Wangwe.


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