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Monday April 26, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto caused a stir over the weekend after details of his office from where he held a virtual meeting with Kenyans abroad emerged.

After the meeting, Ruto shared the photos of the online meeting taken from his office with curious Kenyans quick to notice the differences in the size of their portraits.

The DP’s portrait in the office was much larger than that of his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The two photos placed side by side gave the DP’s towering prominence to that of his boss eliciting a lot of criticism from a number of netizens and President Kenyatta’s supporters.

One Newton Karanja, a staunch supporter of Uhuru, was left wondering whom the boss is between the two, as President’s photo was much smaller.

“Ruto in his official office of the Deputy President has enlarged his portrait to be bigger than that of the President who is his boss. 

“Tell me what this is. The President is still the boss even in DP’s office.”

“If the portrait was in Ruto’s house I wouldn’t have a problem, but his office? 

“Tell me what goes on in his mind which is unseen,” Karanja criticized.

This comes after an earlier photo of the DP’s office had captured his portrait placed at the top of a high cabinet, while the Kenyatta’s was placed on a low cabinet behind the DP’s chair.

Defending the incident, Dennis Itumbi, who works at the DP’s office, indicated that the President’s picture is always of a standardized size and should never be altered.

“The deputy president doesn’t have an official portrait. It was a gift from a hustler and he decided to place it high up to encourage them to work hard,” he stated while dismissing the critics.

The portrait of the president is supposed to be hanged in all government offices and buildings.

This comes amid constant remarks by the DP that he holds his relationship with the president in very high regard, insisting that he has never disrespected him.


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