Thursday April 22, 2021 – There could be a deliberate plan to sabotage former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

This follows reports that 47 County Assemblies voted on different versions of the Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 2020, exposing the process to legal questions.

Weighing in on the matter, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Secretariat Secretary Paul Mwangi, who is also former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s lawyer, read mischief in the whole BBI saga, saying someone does not want the BBI to be passed.

According to him, nothing could explain the reported inconsistencies since the document was sent directly to Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

“The Bill moved directly from IEBC to the County Assemblies.”

“This development is a plot to frustrate the process through lawsuits.”

“People are just looking for reasons to stop BBI because they have failed politically,” said Mwangi.

According to the Joint Parliamentary Justice and Legal Affairs Committee, 34 County Assemblies processed an erroneous Bill that referred to a non-existent Article – 87(7) – of the Constitution while explaining how 70 constituencies would be created.

Only 13 County Assemblies debated and passed the right version of the BBI Bill.


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