Friday, 30 April 2021 – Renowned comedian and radio presenter, Professor Hamo, has been accused of absconding from parental duties after he fathered two kids with fellow Churchill Show comedian, Jemutai and then abandoned her.

The matter was brought to light after Jemutai approached blogger Edgar Obare, lamenting how she is going through tough economic times.

She wanted Edgar Obare to help her find a client who can buy her Facebook page that has a massive following.

After Edgar Obare highlighted Jemutai’s plight, one of her close friends spilled the beans on how Professor Hamo has contributed to her miseries.

The said friend revealed that Professor Hamo fathered two kids with Jemutai and abandoned her.

They started dating in 2015 when she joined Churchill show.

He denied the pregnancies since he is married and left her to suffer.

Jemutai currently lives in a single room with her two kids and Hamo has never bothered to support her.

When Edgar Obare contacted comedian Jemutai, she confirmed that she has sired two kids with the married comedian but he never supports her.


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