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Tuesday, April 27, 2021 – Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta not to dare extend his term in office and that of Parliament.

This follows rumours that the president may be contemplating extending the term of the current parliament and by extension his own term due to Covid-19, which may make it hard for Kenyans to go to polls next year to elect new leaders.

According to Duale, there were no befitting and sufficient grounds to warrant the extension of Parliament and the president’s term.

He explained that Article 102 of the Constitution said Kenya must be at war for the term of Parliament to be extended.

“We are not at war. We are a peace-loving country and we thank Allah for the peace. 

“For those arguing that we can extend Parliament, those plans are as dead as a dodo,” he said in a statement.

Article 102 of the Constitution stipulates that “The term of each House of Parliament expires on the date of the next General Election”.

“When Kenya is at war, Parliament may, by resolution supported in each House by at least two-thirds of all the members of the House, from time to time extend the term of Parliament by not more than six months at a time,” adds the article.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has publicly said he is not interested in clinging to power after his second and final term ends in 2022.

Duale said drafters of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 played out all scenarios and specifically provided for nearly all plausible circumstances so we do not have to speculate.

He added that Covid-19 is a pandemic all over the world and to argue that “it is a war ” is not only strange but it would imply that the whole world is at war. 

“Let us not split hairs to obvious things,” he said.


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