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Monday, 12 April 2021 – Detectives investigating the murder of National Land Commission staffer, Jeniffer Wambua, have gotten crucial leads that may help to unravel the puzzling murder after two suspects were arrested on Thursday evening.

The suspects told police that they met Jennifer lying at the scene where her body was discovered and talked to her since she was alive.

The suspects said that she looked disturbed.

They were later joined by a third man who they told police they can identity since he is well known in the area.

Jennifer asked them for water and the third man walked to the nearby shopping center and brought her water.

The suspects reportedly left the third man talking with Jennifer.

“They claim they were on their own business there when they met the woman lying there and talked briefly. 

“They said she seemed disturbed and depressed. 

“They claim they were joined by a man they know from the area and is the one who brought her water that we suspect was spiked,” a detective involved in investigations said.

Detectives believe that the man who bought the water sexually assaulted Wambua and then killed her.

The hunt for the suspect who is said to be well-known in the area where Wambua’s body was found is ongoing.

An autopsy report showed Wambua was strangled by bare hands.


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