Monday, April 12, 2021 – Famous Mugithi singer Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh has revealed more details concerning his extra-marital affair with controversial lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu.

 Appearing on Churchill Show’s journey edition on Sunday, the ever-smiling singer revealed for the first time that his wife Edday knew about his clandestine affair with Nyamu even before it exploded.

Many people thought Samidoh’s wife knew about his affair with Karen Nyamu after the former Woman Rep contestant started creating dramas online but according to him, his wife was aware of their affair even before the saga came out in the public.

“Ndio ikuje kulipuka, bibi alikua ashajua,” Samidoh told Churchill.

Samidoh even joked that when his saga with Karen Nyamu exploded, he was just laughing with his wife while reading some of the stories published online by bloggers.

He further revealed that he has already mended fences with his wife and his marriage is okay even as Karen Nyamu continues to cause more drama on social media.

Samidoh also refused to talk about his relationship with Karen Nyamu and said it’s a past that he doesn’t want to dwell on.

Although many men called him out for not being a real gentleman when he apologized to his wife and fans over his illicit affair with Karen Nyamu, Samidoh said that the heartfelt apology helped him to heal.

“The apology was the right thing for me to do and from that point haiko kwa moyo, ” he said.


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