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Thursday, April 22, 2021 – During his interview for the position of Chief Justice yesterday, President of the Appellate Court, Justice William Ouko, shocked many by revealing the other side of him other than just being a judge.

He was put to task to explain his relationship with the police service in which he served for about 10 years, while at the same time working as a chief court administrator.

Ouko recalled as a young boy, he lost his brother in a criminal circumstance, but the main suspect in his death was, later on, set free, although there were trials to that effect.

His dad was not happy with the court verdict and presumed it resulted from poor investigations by the police officers.

It was for this reason that his dad urged him to consider joining the police service when he grew up.

According to him, he became police reservists just to fulfil his father’s ego as well as knows his way around guns. 

He has been training CIDs on the use of guns since then.

“Of course, there were trials in court and the suspect was released and so my dad thought it was due to poor investigation and so he urged me on and on to become a very good policeman who can be able to do thorough investigations.”

“I joined the police to satisfy my dad’s dream and secondly, as a community service.”

“All I did was to train them on the use of firearms and how to make arrests,” he responded.


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