Wednesday, April 7, 2021 – A well-known Ugandan businessman identified as Hajji Mohammad Ngobi, was moved to tears after his 5 wives threw a surprise party to celebrate his 57th birthday and 30 years of peaceful marriage.

Ngobi has managed to create harmony among his 5 wives and their children.

The colorful party that has become the talk of social media was held at the home of the eldest wife.

The 5 co-wives thanked Ngobi for creating a harmonious relationship among them and blessed him with different gifts.

Ngobi also thanked his wives for the memorable party and for appreciating the effort that he puts to bring them together.

“I have been able to build a house for each of my wives and they all have a business. Before I add another one, I am always open to the new one to know that she is not alone, but that there other women as well,” he said.

Here are photos of the surprise party.


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