Friday, April 30, 2021 – Former Gatanga MP, David Murathe, appeared before the Public Investments Committee (PIC) on Thursday to answer questions about his involvement in the KEMSA graft scandal.

Murathe, who had been summoned last week, denied any involvement in the business dealings of Kilig and Entec, the two firms at the heart of the Sh7.8 billion scandal.

“It is very sad when we allow this kind of innuendo. I have never supplied, not even a single mask or PPE. 

“It is so sad people think I am Covid-19 millionaire and everybody is calling me for money,” he said.

Murathe explained that his only involvement was being a guarantor for Kilig Limited.

Kilig was awarded a Sh4 billion tender to supply 450,000 personal protective equipment to Kemsa.

At the same time, Murathe dragged Deputy President William Ruto into the scandal, claiming that Kilig Limited is owned by allies of the Deputy President and a Chinese national.

“I am not the director of Killig, I did not receive a contract from KEMSA and I did not supply KEMSA. 

“Killig is a company owned by people connected to the DP; they approach people who can finance the company through the lawyer and transfer ownership to the new owners,” Murathe stated.


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