Monday, 26 April 2021 – A woman from Mombasa confronted a rogue cop who confiscated her identity card after she refused to dish out a bribe to him.

According to the woman who is identified as Tislam Nasher, the police officer demanded a bribe from her simply because she was driving a big car and when she failed to offer the bribe, he declined to give the crucial document back.

“Hii ni Kenya! We Have Rights. Kwanini mmeshika ID yangu? 

“Ameniomba elfu tano nikataa kumpa, akashika ID yangu huyu hapa,” the woman who was driving a Lexus ranted while directing her camera’s focus to the rogue cop.

The said police officer always harasses innocent passers-by around Mama Ngina Drive.

He asks for the ID which he refuses to give back unless you offer him a bribe.

If you look at the video, you will notice that the rogue cops don’t have identification badges.


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