A man who pleaded guilty to being found in possession of uncustomed goods was sentenced to a one-year jail term. 32-year-old Joseph Mwangi had been arrested by detectives from the Special Service Unit, for being found in possession of 25 drums of ethanol.

The drums that were full to the brim with the chemical compound, had been carefully loaded into a lorry that he was driving and concealed using 50 sacks of maize, to create a false impression that he was transporting maize. 

However, detectives working on a tip-off intercepted the lorry in Ruaka, Kiambu county. In a ruling made at the Kibera law courts yesterday by Senior Resident Magistrate Charles Mwaniki, the suspect was convicted to a one-year jail term on his own plea of guilty, with an option of a Sh250,000 fine.

The magistrate further ordered that the 5,000 litres of ethanol be forfeited to the state, through the Kenya Revenue Authority who shall be at liberty to dispose it & recover the unpaid taxes. 

Meanwhile, the lorry shall be released to its owner & the maize restored to the accused. 

We congratulate the court for the fast and judicious judgment since the ethanol could also go a along way in making the government free sanitizers.


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