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Monday, April 19, 2021 – A vocal Mt Kenya lawmaker has begged Kikuyus not to support Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential bid in 2022 because he will reveal his true colors after winning the presidency.

 In an interview with Inooro TV on Monday morning, Ichagaki MCA Charles Mwangi said Ruto is not a man to be trusted despite enjoying a cult following in the Mt Kenya region.

 Mwangi said Ruto doesn’t mean well for the Mt Kenya electorate as he has been claiming to.

“The truth is that Ruto doesn’t mean well for us. 

“If he really cared for us, he shouldn’t be disrespecting his boss. 

“Again, why is he against the BBI which is meant to solve the problems we have suffered for decades? 

“Our people should open their eyes and see the truth,” Mwangi said.

The MCA’s words came just a day after Jubilee party vice-chairman, David Murathe, referred to Ruto as a ‘dangerous man’

The second term MCA has been a staunch supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta and the handshake.


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  1. what has your good president done for Mt kenya people ,No market for coffee, tea, rice, milk, hawkers who are mainly from muranga kicked out of nairobi,Ruai n njiru houses were destroyed during the night for his own selfish gain,SGR train to nowhere,Fuel prices at the highest,
    Did ruto become dangerous overnight
    Kenya has a shortage of fools

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