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Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – Thousands of Kenyans took to social media on Tuesday to castigate the Director of Criminal Investigation (DCI) George Kinoti for poking holes in Citizen TV’s investigative reporter, Purity Mwambia‘s documentary that revealed how Kenya police rent guns to criminals.

Addressing the press on Tuesday, a visibly angry Kinoti said the work was too risky, adding Mwambia and her team ought to have informed DCI about their engagement to be given security.

“Don’t again and don’t be cheated that it is safe to do it the way it was done by the people who did it. 

“It was extremely, very risky. God forbid. Had it turned that they were going to fall under attack, it is them we could be collecting as dead bodies without knowing what is happening,” Kinoti stated.

The top detective further stated that it would have been wise if Mwambia allowed the police to be in her company, making it easy for officers to nab their counterparts who were allegedly involved in the illicit business.

“That’s our job. That’s what we have been employed to hunt and ensure no Kenyan is in possession of any such firearm.

” If we refuse to cooperate with you, put it out, “Kinoti said.

Reading ill-will in his statement, Kenyans told off Kinoti, pointing out various criminal cases where his agency had ‘failed’ to execute investigations aptly.

They said the DCI chief was in a campaign to absolve the police from the indictment they had been implicated in.

Here are some comments

Your job but not your professional, you have betrayed your so-called job, where were you when Purity was concerned by the life of common mwananchi! Resign peacefully Mr Kinoti,” Martin wrote.

When she was doing your work, where were you? why didn’t even realise that someone was doing that? that’s why al-Shabab and other goon usually attack us. we don’t trust you at all ..can you. Stop attacking her.” Cecilia James.

Give at least 2 reasons that purity and the team could trust you and your team?…the risk was worth it!. Now we are more worried!, We got no one else to trust when it comes to security only God!..2nd how would you have investigated, when the suppose it investigator is the culprit?…using diagrams in question 2!” Kephas Mbali.


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