Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – Renowned relationship expert and self-proclaimed boy child defender, Captain Kale, has advised men to keep off single mothers.

Speaking in an interview, the straight-shooting Captain Kale cautioned men against falling in love with single mothers or investing their hard-earned money in them.

However, if a single mother has money, you can pretend that you love her and milk her money.

“Never even move in with a single mother. If they have money, then milk the money. 

“Pretend to be in love with them because many are desperate to have a man,” he said

Kale added that they are a few good single mothers but they are hard to find.

“For a single mother, never ever love her; never invest your feelings or even your money in her. 

“Never heal her wounds, let the man or men who hurt her come and take care of that,” he further added.


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