Sunday, April 4, 2021 – Kameme FM presenter, Mzee Kiengei, caused a stir after he shared a post from a fan bashing his ex-wife and labelling her a homewrecker.

In what seems like a defence mechanism, the renowned presenter uploaded a screenshot of the comment from the fan who claimed that his ex-wife, Keziah, was also destroying another woman’s marriage.

“The way ladies are bullying Guuka you may think Keziah herself is a saint. She’s also destroying another man’s home. But you can only see Kiengei. But you’ll never see it until it’s your turn to be hurt,” read the comment from the screenshot that Kiengei shared.

Fans are accusing Kiengei of refusing to move on after his ex-wife flaunted her new lover.

They wonder why he is so concerned about his ex-wife’s new relationship.


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