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Thursday, April 15, 2021 – The highhandedness of Justice Marete Njagi has come back to haunt him during the interview where he is also seeking to replace David Maraga as the country’s next Chief Justice.

Marete was at pains to explain why he jailed his own court staff.

He arrested and punished a court staff for making noise along the court corridors when he was hearing matters.

In his defence, the judge said the issue of noise-making was recurrent for six months and the officers tried to handle it using other mechanisms but nothing changed.

“There was noise along the corridors and I was not able to continue so I sent a clerk to bring the person making noise and he was finally charged with contempt,” he told the Judicial Service Commission during the interview.

“…I stopped the court, deferred the proceedings and dealt with the matter, got the person arrested and brought to court and I said put him in and we resumed court.”

“If you read the ruling clearly you would appreciate this is not one day matter but one that has gone on for six months.”

“The chief magistrates had taken steps to fight this menace and it would not go away.”

“So for a long time we had this issue and it was not going to go away.”

“We cannot sustain this,” he added.

The judge was also compelled to explain why he used a judgment in his own case against TSC as an authority in a different case that involved Maasai Mara University.

While quoting the TSC judgment he had referred to the judge who made the decision as a good friend of his and a brother.

On his leadership skills, he says his track record speaks for himself.

He says the commission should go to Chuka at his farm and see how he takes care of his two cows or his coffee farm. That goes to show that he is capable


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