Friday, April 16, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has scoffed at President Uhuru Kenyatta and other senior Jubilee Party officials over the poor management of the ruling outfit.

Speaking yesterday, Ruto claimed that the Jubilee Party had been taken hostage and dismembered by some officials who were not even sober.

“I have tried all I could to see if we could work all this out in Jubilee…Unfortunately, those who call the shots…the Murathes’ of this world and all the other characters there are hardly sober.”

“They appear on national television drunk…That is the level of impunity we have in Jubilee,” Ruto lamented.

He took a dig at the president for not convening a Jubilee Parliamentary group meeting over the last few years to discuss the party’s agenda.

According to Ruto, Uhuru only calls for meetings at the State House to lecture him and expel his allies.

“We have never had a PG meeting…The only meeting that takes place is where members are lectured and expelled…When a party acquires tendencies of fighting with its membership, it is headed in the wrong direction,” he stated.


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