Sunday, April 18, 2021 – Willis Raburu’s ex-wife, Marya Prude, has confirmed that she is officially divorced.

Interacting with fans during a question and answer session, Marya hinted that she followed the legal procedure to annul her marriage with the renowned TV presenter.

“Are you officially divorced?” a fan asked and she responded saying, “Yes I am”.

Marya walked down the aisle with Raburu in 2017 in a private wedding that was the talk of social media.

They broke up last year after she discovered that Raburu was cheating on her with another woman.

Marya also revealed that she is not interested in relationships at the moment.



  1. We are not also interested with your dirty affairs and we don’t care as Kenyans in-fact you’re the most stupid couples in this generation.

  2. Hata mkifinya mpaka mtuambie nyinyi niwashenzi bure kabisa we are not interested and you will never be royals just poor couples.

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