Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – Captain Kale has advised men against falling in love with women who are aged 35 years and above.

According to the vocal boy child defender, any woman who is above 35 years and single is too demanding and nagging.

Even if she has money, don’t dare invest your time and emotions in her as long as she is aged 35 years and above.

“They are single and it means they can’t keep a man. Most are too demanding and nagging. 

“A woman above 35, with kids or without and she’s single is a sad woman, even if she has money. 

“They are also very dangerous. If the baby daddies couldn’t handle them, then who are you?” he posed.

Captain Kale further said that the only thing that a man needs is peace and nothing else.

“A man only needs peace, nothing else. 

“Not a woman who behaves like coronavirus, you have to avoid her but eventually, decide to live with it,” he added.


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