Monday, April 19, 2021 – Flashy city businessman, Jama Roho Safi, has of late been a subject of discussion on social media after it emerged that he had decided to take in controversial socialite, Amber Ray, as a second wife.

Jamal was hosted for an interview on Jalango TV where he opened up on his controversial lifestyle that has turned him into a social media sensation.

During the interview, the youthful Somali businessman revealed that before he met Amber Ray, he used to spend Ksh 50,000 per day on different women.

He would hop from one woman to another despite being married but after he fell in love with Amber Ray, she completely changed him and he became more responsible.

Jamal described Amber Ray as a kind and a humble lady, adding that those two traits prompted him to ask her for a hand in marriage.

Jamal further said that he has been married to his first wife for 15 years but being a Muslim, she was aware that he had plans of getting a second wife.

He met his first wife when he was in Form 2.


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