Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – A video has emerged of President Uhuru Kenyatta admitting that he regrets joining politics.

In the video clip that has since gone viral, Uhuru is heard saying he could spend more time with loved ones “before I got into this useless world of politics”

The Head of State made the confession pointing to the frustrations he has been facing in his political career, especially at a time when his government is on the receiving end due to the public debt crisis.

Many Kenyans were puzzled on how the first in command appeared to be regretting taking up the same career that gave him the top seat.

Uhuru has served as the country’s head of state since 2013 and his performance can be termed as the worst since the country has been borrowing billions externally and internally but the money ends in the pockets of a few.

Here is the video of Uhuru regretting why he joined the murky world of politics.


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