Tuesday, April 13, 2021 – Former NTV host, Sheila Mwanyigah, has disclosed that some of her close friends have succumbed to the deadly coronavirus that has caused havoc across the globe.

Speaking in an interview, the beautiful media girl said that among the 5 friends that she lost, two were her mentors.

The deceased friends were so close to her that she considered them family.

“Among the people I lost, two were my close friends and two were my mentors. 

“We were so close but I considered them family. 

“I have lost 5 close people to Covid-19,” she said.

The seasoned TV host and radio presenter revealed that she has been sensitizing her fans about Covid-19 using her social platforms after the deadly virus claimed the lives of her dear friends.

Some of her friends who succumbed to the virus had no underlying conditions.

They were even more fit than her.

“When you see my channel and the way I have decided to focus on Covid it’s because of the toll it has had on me. 

“I have seen this sh!t firsthand. 

“And two of those people had no underlying conditions in fact they were fitter than me,” she added.

The Kenyan DAILY POST 

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