Friday, April 9, 2021 – Seasoned sports anchor, Tony Kwalanda, has refuted claims that he has found another woman to warm his heart, barely 2 months after breaking up with Joyce Maina.

Rumours of Kwalanda’s new affair were fuelled about a week ago after a 23-year-old lady identified as Yvonne Chaka shared photos of them getting romantic when Kwalanda was celebrating his 36th birthday.

However, Kwalanda has clarified that he is still single and described the lady that he was pictured with as just a fan who was excited after meeting a celebrity.

“It was a blunder, and you know how ladies get very excited when they see a celebrity, So we took pictures and all over a sudden I see them on social media. But in reality, I’m not dating, and I don’t have any other girlfriend as we speak right now. That I can tell you without fear of contradiction,” Kwalanda said.


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