Friday, April 23, 2021 – Former rugby player, Alex Olaba, was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly attempting to murder a witness in a rape case he is facing.

According to a police report, Olaba was planning to bungle the rape case he is facing alongside his fellow former player, Frank Wanyama, by eliminating the key witness.

He was arrested in Nairobi West where he was meeting an undercover detective who was posing as a hired assassin.

Police were informed of Olaba’s evil plan by another party that he had approached seeking ways of eliminating the key witness in the case.

The law enforcers then hatched a plan to corner the embattled player by sending undercover detectives who posed as possible executors of his dirty mission.

 Detectives pounced on him during the meeting.

They recovered two mobile phones from Olaba which are undergoing forensic analysis to establish if they were more players in the crime.

After his arrest, he told police that he was possessed by satanic spirits which inspired his thoughts to plan the murder.

Olaba and Wanyama were released on a cash bail of Sh 300,000 each after the High Court ordered a retrial of the rape case they are facing.


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