Monday, 12 April 2021 – Eric Omondi has shared a photo of an ardent male fan who is simply obsessed with him.

The said man who goes by the name, Vicky, works at Standard Media Group.

Yesterday when Eric Omondi was hosting his weekly gaming show on KTN alongside Betty Kyallo, Vicky hanged around his workstation for over 5 hours, waiting to take a photo with the popular comedian.

Eric was even uncomfortable with the way Vicky was holding him when they were taking the photo but he was later told that he is one of his biggest fans.

“This is Vicky, apparently one of my biggest fans..

“He works at Standard group and so yesterday after work he waited for me from 4 pm until after my show ended at 9 pm to take this picture…

“Initially, before all this was explained to me…I was huko chini ya Maji freaking out at the way he was holding me tukipiga picha until later nikaambiwa “huyu Jamaa ni fan wako Sanaaaaa” but still Victor hapanaaa hata kama wewe ni fan wangu hapanaaa bro, hapanaaaa…Aaaaiii hapanaaaaa bro…hapanaaa tu” Omondi wrote.

See photo.


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