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Sunday, April 4, 2021 – Popular Kameme FM presenter, Mzee Kiengei, who is also known as Pastor Ben, has been a subject of discussion on social media after his ex-wife, Keziah, flaunted her new lover.

Keziah divorced Kiengei a few years back and described her marriage with the famous presenter as “hell”.

She revealed in a past interview that her marriage with Kiengei almost made her commit suicide due to frequent domestic disputes.

Kenyans have been trolling Kiengei and bullying him on various social platforms after his ex-wife disclosed that she has moved on, prompting him to respond to the trolls.

Kiengei wondered why Kenyans are trolling him yet his ex-wife’s new lover is also a victim of a failed marriage but no one is bullying him.

Kiengei revealed that his ex-wife’s new lover divorced his wife 2 years ago.

The popular vernacular presenter told haters that he is happily married after divorcing his wife 5 years ago but wondered why he is the only victim in this publicized saga.

“A Good day it Has been…we Thank God for keeping us alive…I welcome all criticism and the cyberbullying towards me concerning my former marriage, My only question is one, I Divorced Keziah 5 years Ago and I happily moved on, Her New Love Divorced 2 years ago and they are now Happily Moving on…Why am I the only Victim????

Enjoy your Night Great people..Pastor Ben is okay…Please use this post for your final comments concerning pastor Ben…everything allowed, “he wrote on his Facebook page.


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