Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto‘s close lieutenants have reacted to Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju‘s announcement that the ruling party has terminated its contract with United Democratic Alliance(UDA).

In a statement on Tuesday, Tuju insisted that Jubilee Party signed a pre-election pact with Party for Development and Reforms (PDR), which rebranded to UDA, and is therefore considered a new entity.

Commenting about Tuju’s statement, Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, said Jubilee and UDA were not in any political marriage as Tuju was alleging.

“Divorce UDA, how? Were they ever married? 

“Raphael Tuju you know what happened when you neglected…..” Ngunjiri wrote on his social media page.

Hon Kimani Ngunjiri is one of the hustler nation diehards. 

He has always defended the second in command and even severally he has defended Ruto by confronting Jubilee party boss President Uhuru Kenyatta


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