Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – One of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies has revealed how President Uhuru Kenyatta and cartels associated with him are planning to make a killing through the importation of Pfizer and Johnson and Johnston vaccines.

On Monday, the government said it will import the two vaccines due to a shortage of AstraZeneca vaccine which is currently being used in Kenya.

Commenting on Twitter on Monday, Ruto’s aide Immanuel Taalam, read malice in the government’s plan to import Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson vaccines.

According to Talam, the government had deliberately banned the importation of the Russian made vaccine Sputnik V by private firms, with an intention of killing any emerging competition that will counter their choice.

Talam accused the government of waiting for a shortage to occur before going for their own choice of vaccine, adding that some people inside the government were going to benefit from the imports.

“We knew. Demonise the competition. Create a shortage. 

“Then import yours!” Talam wrote on his Twitter page.


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