Wednesday, April 7, 2021 – A past social media post by Samidoh advising men against adultery has resurfaced and subjected him to online trolls after he failed to follow his own advice when Karen Nyamu tempted him with her beauty.

In the post dated July 2019, Samidoh quoted some Bible verses, urging married men not to be tempted by other women’s beauty or their flirting eyes.

The Mugithi singer warned that any man who commits adultery will suffer and the action may cost him all he has.

“Don’t be tempted by their beauty; don’t be trapped by their flirting eyes. A man can hire a prostitute for the price of a loaf of bread but adultery will cost him all he has.

It is just as dangerous to sleep with another man’s wife. Whoever does will suffer,” read the post. 

Samidoh has been accused of preaching water and drinking wine after he cheated on his wife with Karen Nyamu.

As he predicted in the past post, the saga has dented his image and cost him lucrative deals with corporates.


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