Monday, April 12, 2021 – Former State House blogger, Dennis Itumbi, has revealed that he has been approached by ‘deep state’ and state operatives to abandon Deputy President William Ruto and his ‘hustler movement’.

Responding to vocal political commentator Wahome King’ori who had asked what would ‘hustler Nation’ do if the ‘deep state’ buys him, Itumbi said ‘deep state’ has reached out to him on several occasions for the past one year trying to persuade him to join them.

Itumbi vowed to stand with the ‘hustler nation’ till the end, noting that he will not betray the millions of hustlers.

He further made clear that no amount of money or price offered will change his mind to ditch the DP’s camp.

“Let me make it easy for you. It has been tried over the last one year including one week ago and the answer is the same no. 

“I am a hustler story. It is natural here. It is not even about me. 

“It is about millions of hustlers. 

“So, no price can get me from the hustler movement,” Itumbi responded.


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