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Saturday, 03 April 2021 – Churchill Show comedian, Akuku Danger, is being housed by a friend after he was evicted by his landlord.

Akuku Danger was kicked out of his rented house on April 1st which happened to be Fool’s Day and so, most people thought that he was pulling a prank.

However, the witty comedian has confirmed that he is currently homeless after he was kicked out of his rented house.

“It’s funny how even my fellow colleagues think it’s a prank. The eviction happened on April 1. Niko tuu. I have no idea what to do next. It was not a prank. People think it was a well-orchestrated prank to seek for clout but it is not,” he said.

Akuku Danger disclosed that he was ambushed by the landlord and thrown out of his house over three-month arrears.

“I had not paid my rent for three months. The landlord had been asking me for money but I told him to wait until I get a job. I requested him to allow me to pay one month and then I pay the rest towards mid-month but he did not want to hear anything. He came with his wife and evicted me,” he added.

Akuku danger further revealed that the merciless landlord locked some of his items in the house.

He is being housed by his friend in Rongai.

He is looking for anyone who can give him a job, especially in the PR and communication field, since there are no shows.


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