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Monday, April 26, 2021 – Busia Senator, Amos Wako, has revealed how he was admitted to a city hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 3 weeks after he tested positive for COVID -19.

In an interview with Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), Wako, who served as an Attorney General during the late former President Daniel Moi’s regime, said the COVID-19 virus knows no wealth, power, and accomplishments.

Throughout the 45-minute interview, Wako repeatedly said: “It is a harrowing experience I would not wish on anybody. I almost died.”

At the hospital, he was put on oxygen round the clock, with doctors and nurses closely monitoring him. 

Their instructions scared the life out of him, he said.

They advised him not to remove the oxygen tubes. If he failed to comply even for two minutes, he would die.

“My worry was that suppose I sleep and they (the tubes) come out, and the nurse does not come in time, I would not wake up,” Wako said.

Within a few hours of his diagnosis, he believed he was going to die and so he started preparing for the afterlife. 

“He had three spiritual books with him—he read all of them.

“For a few hours or so, I thought ‘this is my end.’ My end has come. 

“That’s why I had to go spiritual, to prepare myself for where I may find myself if everything else failed.

“I was now preparing myself for the after[life],” a reflective Wako said.


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