Monday, April 12, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has been dealt a major blow after one of his key allies in the Mt Kenya region dumped him for Deputy President William Ruto.

In an interview with Inooro TV last week, Mukurweini MP, Anthony Kiai, said that he had decamped from Ruto’s side because of his stand on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI)

The MP said that his constituency, Mukurweini, was among those to be merged with other neighbouring constituencies due to a lower population. This situation made him, therefore, support BBI to protect his constituency from diminishing.

“Even though we have a different stand on BBI with the DP, he remains to be my personal friend. In fact, I see myself working with him in the near future. 

“But all in all, it’s my people of Mukurweini who will give me directions through my stand on BBI will remain as it is,” Kiai said.

Kiai, who was formerly a Tanga Tanga MP before going to Kieleweke, seems to be on his way back to Ruto’s camp. 

Another politician who has shown similar intentions is the Laikipia women representative, Cate Waruguru.


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