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Tuesday, April 27, 2021 – The controversial Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) seems to have brought some fears even to the high and mighty.

Yesterday, after the joint teams of the Justice and Legal Affairs Committees from both the Senate and the National Assembly handed over their reports to the speakers of both the Senate and the National Assembly, new unseen fears seemed to emerge.

Immediately he received the report, the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi announced that his chamber would reconvene on Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the Bill.

However, his Senate counterpart, Lusaka, was unable to reconvene the Senate to discuss BBI ostensibly out of fear.

Lusaka said that he would first consult before coming up with a date which he was hopeful would be within the week.

However, he added that if this wasn’t going to be possible, then they would meet on the 11th of next month when the Senate is expected to officially reconvene.

Lusaka’s hesitation is an indicator that even the Senate, which is considered safe by BBI proponents, may have its issues.

Rifts within the House as a whole were laid bare during the conclusion of the report last week when two camps emerged from the joint committee.

A camp that favoured the document and opposed any amendments were mainly made of Senators. It was, however, the minority.

The majority, which had many National Assembly members, had issues with some portions of the Bill.


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