Monday, 19 April 2021 – Not long ago, word got out that renowned Bongo singer, Ben Pol, had filed for divorce in one of the courts in Dare salaam after his hyped marriage with Keroche heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, hit a snag.

The beautiful heiress went ahead and dropped her husband’s name and deleted the photos that they had taken together.

She also removed her wedding ring, sending signs that all was not okay.

As Netizens continue speculating on what might have caused their break up, Anerlisa has posted a cryptic message that has raised eyebrows and hinted at what might have led to her messy divorce with Ben Pol.

Taking to her Instagram page, she cautioned ladies against being forced by their spouses to get kids.

From her cryptic post, it’s like Ben Pol was forcing her to get a kid yet she was not ready.

Here’s a screenshot of her post.


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  1. This is nonsense kama hutaki kuzaa kaaa kwa mama yako nauzeekee huko no one cares kaaaa na mama yako na maisha itaendelea usitishe wanaume na hakuna mwanaume atakuulizia.

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