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Thursday April 22, 2021 – In a rather disturbing development, details have emerged of 5 politicians arming criminal gangs in Nairobi and Mombasa in readiness for the 2022 General Election.

According to the National Intelligence Service, the underworld dealings entail the formation, growth and expansion of illegal armed groups with the aim of a political end in mind.

Apart from just the financiers, even the names of the gangs being formed in preparation of any eventual outcome can now be identified.

The groups include; Siafu, Usiku Sacco, Congo Boys, Yes We Can, Kenya Youth Alliance, Kibera Battalion, Kamukunji Pressure Group, Al Safa, J 10 and Gaza.

Of the two cities most affected, namely Nairobi and Mombasa, Nairobi leads with the number of gangs that are being enlisted for provision of political dirty jobs.

Top on the list of nine politically affiliated gangs is Siafu, which has grown its presence from its original home in Kibera to four other neighbourhoods, all of them being low-income settlements.

Siafu which has now extended its illegal activities to include matatu extortion, is currently present in Kibera, Kawangware, Kayole and Mwiki.

A Nairobi County MCA, an MP from the capital city and three legislators from Mombasa are among the politicians who have enlisted the services of prominent criminal gangs to scare away opponents, provide security and raise their political profile.

With the recent by-elections having been marred by violence, security agencies are mapping out areas that are likely to present a security challenge as the country heads to next year’s polls, starting with the two most-populated urban areas.


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