Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – Soy MP, Caleb Kositany, has made an abrupt U-turn following his removal as Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary-General.

Hours after being ejected from his Jubilee party Deputy Secretary-General seat and calmly taking the party position promising never to challenge it, Kositany now wants to drag the party to court.

Speaking during an interview, Kositany termed his removal as illegal and unconstitutional. He stated that the laid down procedure for removing a party official was not followed.

“According to the Jubilee Party constitution, the National Management Committee does not have the authority to kick me out.”

“I can only be removed if the NEC meets and form a disciplinary committee which will summon me before taking any action,” Kositany said.

Following the development, the DP Ruto defacto spokesman is now going against his original decision to petition the decision not to remain in the ruling outfit but for due process.

“In that, I will petition, not because I want to remain in Jubilee but to demand the right procedure.”

He continued that until it’s done properly, then he remains the party Deputy Secretary-General.

“They cannot remove me.”

“I am an elected MP and not nominated.”

“If they failed to kick away those who were nominated, how could they eject me?” he posed.

President Uhuru Kenyatta kicked Kositany out of Jubilee’s leadership position because of his friendship with Ruto and replaced him with his Cherang’any counterpart, Joshua Kutuny as the next Deputy Secretary-General.


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