Monday, March 8, 2021 – Controversial private detective, Jane Mugo, has fired salvos at city lawyer and politician, Karen Nyamu, describing her as a homewrecker.

While responding to Karen’s post on International Women’s Day where she said that well-behaved women rarely make history, Jane condemned Karen Nyamu for trying to wreck Samidoh’s marriage by exposing their affair to the public and humiliating his wife, Edith.

The fearless detective said there’s no problem having an affair with a married man but advertising the affair to the public is childish.

She wondered why Karen didn’t humiliate her first baby daddy, who happens to be a deejay, the same way she did to Samidoh recently.

Jane told Karen that she has also been involved in affairs with well-known Kenyans but she chose to do it behind the scenes without creating unnecessary drama.

Here’s her hard-hitting message directed to Karen Nyamu.



  1. Very true Jane Mugo you’re a true African woman,Useless sly queen Karen Nyamu and many others like her are disgraceful in this society.

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