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Thursday, 11 March 2021 – Tabitha Karanja narrated to the court how they tried to persuade their late daughter, Tecra Muigai, to end her relationship with Omar Lali but their efforts bore no fruits.

According to Tabitha, she even involved her husband, James Karanja, and Tecra’s uncle and step-brother, to try and convince her to cut off links with the aging beach boy after discovering that they were in a serious relationship.

At one time, they visited Tecra at her Naivasha residence to discuss the matter but she instructed guards at the gate to deny them entry.

Tecra arranged a meeting at Lake Naivasha County Club to discuss the matter a while later.

“I, her dad, uncle, and step-brother went to the meeting where we talked to her and expressed our disapproval of the relationship. The pleas fell on deaf ears,” Tabitha said.

In December 2019, Tabitha travelled to Lamu with her husband to try and convince their daughter to leave Lali.

She showed up at the meeting with Omar.

It was the first time that they met him.

Their daughter insisted that she will not leave Lali despite her family disapproving of their controversial relationship.

“Tecra informed us that she was in love with Omar and she wanted the family to understand that the feeling was mutual,” Tabitha added.

Tecra even wanted to establish a company to distribute Keroche products in Lamu so that she could stay closer to her boyfriend.


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